"I love ghost hunting. I like to feel a place first, and see what is there, if anything at all. I can tell you that some places that are said to be haunted, are not, and some that are thought to be riddled with demons, are not either. I believe you will get out of an experience that which you have built yourself up to experience. If you expect something to be there, chances are you will experience something. And I can tell you that even though I see ghosts in places, there is no way to catch its image or any sounds on electronics. It is fun to partake in, and finding that there is more out there any meets the eye is what keeps me searching." - Rebecca Foster


Calhoun County Home

Rebecca was asked to partake in a ghost hunt and do the initial walk-thru so the team knew where to set up cameras. The little boys in the house showed her around and told her everything that used to happen here. Little Joey appeared in a picture where he was hiding in the rafters, then the next frame he was simply an orb. He then said HI twice into Rebecca's microphone. You can see the pics here...hear the audio At 39 and 41 seconds you hear the children say HI.


He is the light ball orb here.


Ashmore Estates in Ashmore,IL

(Not demon riddled as some would say)

Below is a picture of a child about 2-3 years old standing at the top of the stairs.

Distance and close up. You can see his shorts, top with cowl, socks, shoes, arms, and legs. His head is turned facing the stairs.

In the photos below I was chasing an energy through the rooms, and he went into the bathroom. Bradley walked into one bathroom and I went into the other...."I see you....I'm gonna catch you..."and this boy was hiding in the shower. You can see his eyes, glasses, nose, and hair. It was amazing.