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Updated 13 September 2017

I will be doing a book event at the Oakfield Library on October 16th from 6-7 pm It is a FREE event and I will be discussing my book, how to sharpen your own intuitive abilities, and maybe provide a few examples of how I read. The seating is limited to 115 people. I know most events are over 100 so get in quickly. There may be a few standing, but that is okay.

I plan on raffling a book and a reading.

Any readings booked that night for future times will be shared with the Oakfield Library.

130 N. Main St, Oakfield, WI 920.583.4552 for questions.


I will be doing a fundraiser for the Lomira Dance Studio on October 30th. Proceeds will go to the studio for competitions. There will be a raffle for various fun items!!! Please contact Tracie Mason for further information.


Now you can also find me at www.facebook.com/GodsReader. I do Livestream readings off and on, spur of the moment and they are FUN!!! Get a reading for free and chat with me too!!!!


Check out BRR!! It is a very cool station that airs all topics from readers to aliens, bigfoot to numerology.

Check them out here!

I have OPENED a new online STORE!!!! CLICK HERE!!!!! I have put messages, book drawings, and more to come on shirts and pants, possibly more, for you to carry and wear. Some of you get it!!!

I have implemented a NEW BOOKING calendar that allows you to go through my schedule and book appointments according to the times I read and your schedule. IF YOU SCHEDULE...make sure you pay for it using the Paypal buttons provided on the Scheduling and Purchasing page. It is a 2-step process of booking and paying. Your name is not visible to others on the calendar for privacy.

If we schedule an appointment, and you have NOT paid by the reading time, expect to reschedule. I will not read for you at that point..and I will probably have found something else to do or someone else to read for during that time. I use the payment as a confirmation that you are holding the appointment. I also do not save the time and date until payment has been made. Time slots fill up quickly and a desired time may be gone by the afternoon unless it is paid for.

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Thank you to all who have attended these galleries! They are a blast!

View 9/22/12 Hackney's Gallery

View 10/2/12 Country Inn & Suites Gallery

View 10/16/12 Ramada Inn Gallery

View 12/7/12 The Energize Zone Gallery


The only person you should be afraid of losing is yourself. ~ RF


Yes, we are afraid of losing those we love, but do not put so much into someone else that if they walk away, you will lose yourself as well. If you are 100%, then the only thing someone else can do to you, is add to your joy. You as well, will be able to give them 100% as you will not need them to fulfill you.

Ghost Hunting

I was asked to partake in a ghost hunt and do the initial walk-thru so the team knew where to set up cameras. The little boys in the house showed me around and told me everything that used to happen here. Little Joey appeared in a picture where he was hiding in the rafters, then the next frame he was simply an orb. He then said HI twice into my microphone. You can see the pics here...and hear the audio here.

He is the light ball orb here.

Have a Blessed day and Make it a great one!


Please take a look at my book, The Beaches, on my website. You can also order the ebook as well.

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Have a blessed day and don't forget to ask for what you want.

If there are any unsolved crimes in your area, I would be happy to lend my insight. Who knows...maybe I can help. Read below for more police work I have taken part in and helped to recover victims.



"All batteries come with a life. Don't leave yours unused in the drawer for too long."


"Listen To Your Angels. They Speak In "Sign" Language."

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Be the Sun and bring warmth to a soul. Be the water and without fear, carve a new path. Be a guide and bring someone sight.

- Rebecca Foster

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