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Updated 8/25/2014

1. I will be starting my doctorate in clinical psychology on September 2nd. I believe with my abilities that this is the most appropriate area to serve people and finish my education. I am scared with this new path ahead of me and have NO idea how I will accomplish it, but I believe God has presented it to me and I must follow it. I am also teaching a college course for Indiana University so my time will become very limited while I am working all these areas. I will be limiting my reading times to Monday and Thursday nights from 6-7 for 15 and 30 minute readings.

2. I realized today that my gift is not only seeing a person's past, present or future, or those passed on, or ghosts, but what they are going through. I guess it has always been apparent, but it hit me that I see the current troubles. Although I have always known it, a situation today made me ask myself, "What are you really!?" You are not simply a medium, or a clairvoyant or a reader, but you see current events..ones that can help a person, truly, to see a possible solution. I am going for my doctorate in clinical psychology starting in September, and I believe that degree, coupled with my knowledge, will only heal people further.

I have no idea what I am, but I know what I can do, and I hope and pray it makes a positive difference in every life that I touch. God Bless.

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Please visit my new venture It has been a life long dream to make soaps and candles from scratch. It must be the old soul in me to enjoy and want this. All soaps are 100% natural and cold-pressed with only the freshest and purest ingredients. Enjoy a bar today and light a candle to change your space.

A link on my site allows you to make a soap or candle purchase that gives 50% of your total to St. Baldrick's Org. to help children with cancer. OR Yyu can go to THIS link and make a direct donation to St. Baldrick's Organization .

A beautiful letter came to me via email and I thought I would share. Check out the Feedback Page.

Thank you to all who have attended these galleries! They are a blast!

View 9/22/12 Hackney's Gallery

View 10/2/12 Country Inn & Suites Gallery

View 10/16/12 Ramada Inn Gallery

View 12/7/12 The Energize Zone Gallery

Ghost Hunting

I was asked to partake in a ghost hunt and do the initial walk-thru so the team knew where to set up cameras. The little boys in the house showed me around and told me everything that used to happen here. Little Joey appeared in a picture where he was hiding in the rafters, then the next frame he was simply an orb. He then said HI twice into my microphone. You can see the pics here...and hear the audio here.

He is the light ball orb here.

Have a Blessed day and Make it a great one!


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If there are any unsolved crimes in your area, I would be happy to lend my insight. Who knows...maybe I can help. Read below for more police work I have taken part in and helped to recover victims.



"All batteries come with a life. Don't leave yours unused in the drawer for too long."


"Listen To Your Angels. They Speak In "Sign" Language."

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Be the Sun and bring warmth to a soul. Be the water and without fear, carve a new path. Be a guide and bring someone sight.

- Rebecca Foster

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